Frequently Asked Questions

Planning your trip

Can I carry a drone?

The regulations require application, but in fact, you can take it. It should be noted that many scenic spots cannot be flown. For example, there will be no-fly drone signs in some famous scenic spots or important building areas, such as Independence Square, Lion Rock, and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple. etc.

How to pick up the airport?

The driver will hold a pick-up sign and pick you up in the pick-up area on your way. So there is no need to worry about not being able to pick you up.

Could you please tell me how old the car is? Is it very old? Will it not turn on the air conditioner?

Before COVID 19, Sri Lanka stopped importing cars into Sri Lanka due to insufficient US dollars, so 95% of the cars were before 2019. The cars we use now are basically between 2010 and 2019.
They will not be without air conditioning. It’s one of our services.

Which phone card in Sri Lanka is the best?

Dialog has the best signal. We also use it ourselves. It’s provided to everyone in our service.

Do I need to buy insurance?

What we give you is that the driver’s third seat insurance has a limited amount of insurance. You can purchase overseas insurance by yourself. At the same time, before departure, you can ask us to send you all the driver’s information, driver’s ID card, driver’s license, car insurance, etc., and we will provide them.

While in Sri Lanka

How do I tip?

The tip is 2,000 rupees per day, which is about USD 6, and is given at the end of each day’s trip. 2,000 rupees means the driver’s service is normal, 3,000 rupees (USD 9) means satisfaction, and 4,000 rupees (12) means very satisfied.

Do I still offer the COVID 19 inspection report now?

No, it doesn’t matter whether you are coming or leaving here.

How about the driver’s accommodations?

Our fees include the driver’s food and accommodation. If the hotel you are staying in does not have a free driver’s room for the driver, the driver will stay at a local B&B. Generally, experienced drivers will find their own cheap accommodation. Of course, there are some places. Our company also provides free accommodations for drivers.
It may be far away from your hotel, depending on actual situation of hotels. We will try to place the driver in the same hotel.

Will driver R take us to the shopping store?

You can directly tell the driver which attractions we don’t like and which ones we like, because the driver will basically introduce all the attractions that can be visited in the surrounding area, including massage parlors and sari shops. If you miss it, you will If you miss it, you will have to check whether you can turn back when you want to buy it (if you are not in the same city). All attractions including shopping stores are your choice to go or not.

How to buy train tickets?

First-class train tickets need to be booked one month in advance. Second-class and third-class seats can be purchased on-site because the difference is not very big. No need to worry about not having tickets, because any train here can be boarded as long as it can be squeezed in. There is no limit. In terms of the number of people, if you are afraid of not having a seat, then avoid the morning and evening rush hours. The trains here are the means of transportation for ordinary commuters.

Could you please tell me what is included in the chartered car and what is not included?

If it is just a chartered car service, the driver’s food, accommodation, parking fees, and gas fees are included, but driver tips are not included. It includes delivery to the entrance of Horton Plains, does not include jeep cars, and does not include driving in the wild park. The bus cannot drive to the entrance of Horton Plains. If it is a package, our company will arrange the vehicles for this section of your journey, so don’t worry.

Is there a limit to the number of kilometers per day?

It is only a chartered car, 135km per day. As long as you don’t always go back, this mileage is enough. Our packages have no limit on the mileage.

Can you help me book the buildings designed by Geoffrey Bawa and Michelin restaurants?

We can make an appointment for you free of charge.

How to arrange the high mountain tea plantation train and sea train?

The driver takes your luggage, you take your valuables on the train (protect your valuables), and then meet at the agreed place.

Important travel safety information

How many hours do drivers work every day?

Our drivers usually work 8 hours a day, but there are many unknown situations during travel. In order to better cooperate with you, it is acceptable to occasionally exceed 8 hours. However, if the working hours far exceed the standard working hours, remember to give the driver more tips.